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Getting it together – STUDIO Life

Well, today I spent the day getting the studio space where I plan to teach upholstery in the New Year all spiffed up…right now we are getting ready for the upcoming open houses. I’m sharing space with an extraordinary garment maker and 2 fantastic hat makers.  I’m getting my zafu cushions all filled and displayed.

I’m loving the space!  It is in Santa Rosa on Maxwell Court.  It is called the Maxwell Court Textile Studio and we will be having three open studios.  I will have them listed on my event page.

It’s about 1/2 hour from my home shop out on the River, but it is only a couple of blocks from my daughters and across the street from a fantastic Vietnamese restaurant….I’ve already had 6 spring rolls today and had the pleasure of my daughter’s help!!!!


Service Above Self

I was honored beyond my wildest dreams last night by the Russian River Rotary Club for work giving back to my community.  It was a surprise orchestrated by my family and it worked!  I was awestruck!  I was humbled by the attention and words spoken by friends and family.  It is a gift… an amazing gift … to hear people say nice things about you … and it’s not even your funeral!!!!  I’ve always said that I want my funeral BEFORE I die so I can hear what people say about me!  I don’t think we are supposed to want that, but I do!!  It is also the best party of your life and you can’t be there!  Well, hopefully, one has led a life that makes people want to say good things about you!  That is certainly something to think about.

Anyway…. it is an award that I share with so many people that I have worked/volunteered with for the past 30 years.  I am indeed a lucky woman.

Award Pic

Those who can – Teach

Well, they say that those who can…DO…. and those who can’t TEACH!!!  Well I always saw that statement as a little derogatory, however, in my case I think that it is true.  I SHOULD no longer subject my body to the rigors of my job of reupholstering….HOWEVER, I think I happen to be a really good teacher and that will be easier on my body.  I have an apprentice who is doing really well and I always tell him that I wish I had a teacher like me…my learning curve 35 years ago would have been a lot easier.

Sooooo, I am going to teach upholstery and other interesting things!  I will teach those people who have always wanted to tear into an old favorite piece of furniture and make it look good again.  They don’t have aspirations of opening a shop, but are creative and crafty people who know they could do something like this with a little guidance.

I have a lot to do to make this dream/task happen.  Stay tuned!