Upholstery Classes

I have conducted a few classes in upholstery and I believe we all had a good time and accomplished good work.  I have not continued any classes as my day to day work as an upholsterer has slowed down my ability to find the time to teach and I’ve needed to go back to the drawing board to rethink the best way to teach this wonderful trade and/or a delightful hobby.

As I close down my business, I am giving a lot of thought as to what the best kind of a class will be.  I am thinking a lot along the lines of private classes and classes geared to just one kind of furniture…e.g. everyone brings in dining room seats…or two people doing very similar projects.  This will make the 2 1/2 hour class the most productive.

I want to give you a good experience and let you see a good finished project and learn something about doing another project on your own.  If we are all doing the same thing, that is easier.  I need to see what you want to practice on first and give you an honest evaluation of what I think you can do.

What I hope to accomplish and do:

  • FIRST see what your piece looks like now and what you want it to look like when you are finished
  • How to strip the existing fabric
  • How to do whatever inside work is necessary
  • How to apply the new fabric
  • How to cut fabric for a new cushion (if piece has a loose cushion) and will discuss how to sew it, however, I will not be teaching how to use an industrial sewing machine yet, hopefully in the future, so I will do the sewing at a small extra cost.
  • You will go home with a finished piece

Please give me whatever feedback you wish to share with me.  I assure you I will be doing classes at the latest by the Fall of 2016.

I am working up pricing to give you the best experience for your money!!



  • Carmen

    I am interested in your upholstery class–when is the next opportunity to join?


    • thurmanfein

      Please go to my website on upholstery classes for an update on what my process has been. I apologize for not seeing this comment… along with other issues, I don’t see my comments.
      Are you local in Sonoma County? Please email me at kris@pillowish.com

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