Meet the Maker

What I have always loved doing best is sitting with my customers either in my shop or in their homes, helping design a room, choose a color palette, or make a decision on whether to restore, replace or redesign a favorite piece of furniture. Now, thanks to the internet, I am doing more custom zafus and would still love to sit with you and help design a zafu that suits you, speaks to you, fits you and will serve you in a meditation practice, yoga exercise or as an extra seat or decorator pillow in your home.

So, I want to welcome you to my website and while I am not sitting in your living room helping you pick out colors for your custom zafu, I am available by phone most times (PST) and if not will call you back asap. After 35 years of helping my customer, my favorite part of my work is still speaking to “you” about what is the perfect solution. You may also browse through these pages and see if there is something that suits you and just click and buy.

I have been doing custom reupholstering on the Russian River in West Sonoma County, California, since 1979.  I have restored vintage cars, private airplanes, both commercial and household furniture and many unique and some odd custom projects.