Zafu Cushions

A zafu is a small round cushion that has been traditionally used in zen meditation for centuries. Today the zafu is being used not just for meditation, but for yoga, decorating, and as a simple home furnishing. Sitting on this round high cushion is perfect for the cross-legged pose, allowing the body to sit well aligned, with the hips and legs relaxed. This position works well for meditation practice as well as watching TV or sipping tea around the living room table.

My zafus are made with decorator fabrics from my upholstery shop, creating beautiful and fun pillows that will accent a living room or bedroom or couch(click here to see the gallery of cushions, some unique and currently available). They are filled with buckwheat hulls or 100% cotton fill. Buckwheat hulls provide a surface that will gently contour to the body, making it easy to adjust how you sit and help find that comfortable position. 100% cotton fill makes a densely packed cushion that is still soft to sit on and will hold its shape so as to sit nicely on a piece of furniture as a decorator throw pillow.

Upcycled Materials

Most custom upholstery jobs produce small pieces of leftover decorator fabrics that are too small to be very useful.  I found a use! I decided to start making zafu cushions when I found that I could no longer toss these beautiful remnants into that storage box under the table. My zafu cushions are exactly the right size to utilize these odd cuts, thus I’ve been able to keep the cost of the cushions quite reasonable. I also do a lot of shopping for other interesting fabric cuts to incorporate into these cushions. I consider this “recycling” new materials.