Service Above Self

I was honored beyond my wildest dreams last night by the Russian River Rotary Club for work giving back to my community.  It was a surprise orchestrated by my family and it worked!  I was awestruck!  I was humbled by the attention and words spoken by friends and family.  It is a gift… an amazing gift … to hear people say nice things about you … and it’s not even your funeral!!!!  I’ve always said that I want my funeral BEFORE I die so I can hear what people say about me!  I don’t think we are supposed to want that, but I do!!  It is also the best party of your life and you can’t be there!  Well, hopefully, one has led a life that makes people want to say good things about you!  That is certainly something to think about.

Anyway…. it is an award that I share with so many people that I have worked/volunteered with for the past 30 years.  I am indeed a lucky woman.

Award Pic

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