Those who can – Teach

Well, they say that those who can…DO…. and those who can’t TEACH!!!  Well I always saw that statement as a little derogatory, however, in my case I think that it is true.  I SHOULD no longer subject my body to the rigors of my job of reupholstering….HOWEVER, I think I happen to be a really good teacher and that will be easier on my body.  I have an apprentice who is doing really well and I always tell him that I wish I had a teacher like me…my learning curve 35 years ago would have been a lot easier.

Sooooo, I am going to teach upholstery and other interesting things!  I will teach those people who have always wanted to tear into an old favorite piece of furniture and make it look good again.  They don’t have aspirations of opening a shop, but are creative and crafty people who know they could do something like this with a little guidance.

I have a lot to do to make this dream/task happen.  Stay tuned!


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