Great Review of My Zafu Cushions!

I received a great review from Black Dog Asana! Please go to their site and see more of their reviews of Yoga Items.


Do you Zafu?

Zafus from Pillowish

Black Dog Asana ApprovedAs a yoga instructor, pet owner and crafter, Maggie spends a good deal of time on the floor.  Yoga blocks make decent chairs, but can still be a bit hard.  Some yoga blankets are OK too, but they can shift and are not as firm.  We just tried one amazing little pillow with the power to transform sitting on the floor from a have to, into a want to.  The pillow is zafu, and it is a small round floor cushion often used in meditation and yoga practices.  Our favorite zafus are made by our friends at Pillowish.  The colors and the patterns that Pillowish pulls together are amazing. We were lucky enough to snag one of their Blue Koy zafus, when you see the photos you’ll know why we are so excited about this fabric.

These meditation pillows are made from soft yet durable fabric so they can take the daily use that you will be giving them.  Pillowish uses buckwheat to fill the zafus, which allows them to be firm and supportive, but also ensures that they will conform to your bodies shape at the same time.  You have the option to request a larger zafu or additional buckwheat to make yours firmer.  Pillowish excels in customer satisfaction and will customize your zafu to order.  After all, no two yogis are unique!  The creative combinations in these pillows ensure that they will fit your spirit, your yoga space or any other space in you find yourself needing a comfortable seat.  Zafus are great for meditation and yoga because they elevate the hips and core, making sitting more comfortable and less of a strain on your joints.  They are also great for entertaining, as they can be used as decorative elements in the room, as well as functional seating.

We absolutely love zafus and Pillowish makes them durable, comfortable and affordable.  Murphy is happy because our zafus have significantly increased the amount of time that we spend sitting on the floor.  We could see ourselves lowering our desks in order to enjoy these great seats even more.  Zafus help to promote better posture and therefore better health.  Add the benefits of meditation and yoga and these become some powerful little pillows. This might be our first zafu, but we know it will not be our last!  Make sure to check out Pillowish and think about adding zafus to your room.

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